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Scattershot v1.11

It's like a treasure hunt for Winamp. Scattershot is a chaotic skin with a button array that, at the click of a button, scatters randomly about your entire desktop. The buttons can also be tiled for easy access. It has a main control window with a main display, EQ, thinger, and various options. Scattershot includes fifteen different color schemes, many of which are based on my past Winamp skins. Version 1.11 fixes a tiny bug in the scatter script that would be very unlikely to be noticed by anyone else. Also, the scripts have been recompiled with the latest compiler, and the skin seems to run a bit faster.

Skin Type: Modern Skin
Original Release: 21-Dec-2003
Last Update: 25-Apr-2004
Cursors: No
MikroAmp: Yes