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Easter Eggstacy v1.1

The second collaboration among the skinners of the Skin Love forum at Winamp.com. I skinned the minibrowser (which became the base for the video window) and the playlist text. Other skinners who worked on this: afro moe, Bilabong, BullGawD, Cappy17, Capt Jones, Chiquita Chad, Dawg4Life2K1, DigitalDragon, Duk, Exzelian, Jayn, Mr Jones, pixelpusher, --Rikki--, skinme!, The Only Lynx, Xerxes, and Zeruel. Version 1.1 includes the windows added in Winamp 2.9!

Skin Type: Classic Skin
Original Release: 10-Mar-2001
Last Update: 27-Mar-2003
Cursors: Yes
MikroAmp: Yes