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Welcome to flatmatt.com, my website for Winamp skins and AVS presets. Navigate with one of the links on the menu above or check out the updates below.

Latest Downloads

Flat-Slopey - WEERD SOUNZ v2.1
Flat-Slopey - Green and Black v2.1
Danielle Fishel: Double Diamond v1.11
Phase 2 v1.0
Meddling Kids v1.52

Latest News

Hello. There are long-overdue updates to my two oldest surviving skins. It is recommended that if there is anyone out there who is still using both Winamp and one of these skins that they download the update for it via the Skins page. Also removed dead links from the Links page. That is all.

It's possible you've already noticed, but this particular update is to announce version 5.0 of flatmatt.com. This is the most extensive redesign of the site in its history. Pretty much everything has been redone from scratch, but it should be as easy to use as (or easier to use than) past versions. My main goal for the site was to come up with a cleaner, more modern design for the site, and I believe I've done so with this redesign. One thing to check out is the flatmatt.com Designs gallery (formerly "Previous Versions"), which now includes a prototype redesign I did a few years ago. Anyway, everything important should still be here, so go ahead and look around.

Danielle Fishel: Double Diamond has been updated to version 1.11. This update fixes an XML problem that had started causing errors in recent Winamp versions. It can be downloaded from the Double Diamond details page

For once it turns out the rumors were true. I have, in fact, completed a new skin. Phase 2 can be found here.

Alright, the move is complete. As soon as the URL forwarding updates, flatmatt.com will be officially back on Comcast hosting, and I will get up redirection pages on the UMich hosting. This not only provides hosting through the foreseeable future but also fixes issues with downloading skins on the UMich server.

Due to the release of Winamp 5.51 with its new ISO-standard EQ bands option, I have been forced to update all of my classic skins. Well, that's not true. Only Meddling Kids had frequency labels on it. So you can grab version 1.52 from the Meddling Kids details page. As an additional note, sometime over the next couple months I will be moving the website back to Comcast hosting for a couple reasons, mainly because I won't have a UMich webspace after April. Fortunately, Comcast has also increased their webspace limit, so the site will in fact fit.